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Bridekirk Demography - Summary

According to the United Kingdom Census 2001, the township of Bridekirk has a population of 636 and 246 households in total.

There are 335 economically active people in Bridekirk (between the ages of 16 and 74) and 125 economically inactive people in the same age bracket.

There are two main categories of employment in Bridekirk:

Extractive and manufacturing industries = 33.7% (113 people)
Service industries = 66.5% (223 people)

Other categories of employment are:

Managerial and professional occupations = 55.8% (187 people)
Small employers/self employed = 22.3% (75 people)
Lower supervisory and technical occupations = 6.5% (22 people)
Unemployed = 2% (7 people)

This extract is taken from Wikipedia

Detailed Census Statistics 2001 - Bridekirk Civil Parish

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