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Bridekirk Parish Council
Appletree House, Allerby, Cumbria, CA7 2NL

Minutes of the meeting of Bridekirk Parish Council held on Thursday 9th May 2019

Present: Mr S Dumbill (Chair) Mr R Stenson; Mr W Nixon ; Mr M Buckley; Mr R Coy; Mr I McCambridge; Mr M Rollison , Cllr N Cockburn Ms D Cosgrove (Clerk)

1.4.19 Apologies for absence received from Mr F Armstrong & Mr D Hodgson

2.4.19 The minutes of the meetings held on Thursday 11th April 2109 were signed as a true record.

3.4.19 No declarations of interest were made.

4.4.19 No members of the public were present

5.4.19 Accounts for payment approved

  • Jackson Hetherington 200 grass cutting
  • 50 received for Pinfold rent and Wayleave of 25.84

6.4.19 Reports from outside bodies

  • Nobody present from CCC
  • Allerdale BC -1st meeting of the new leadership following he elections which saw the Independents taking the majority of the seats, will take place on May 22nd, there will be more clarity then.
  • here has been some confusion with the new bin collection regime, this has been exacerbated by the two bank holidays recently.
  • Local Plan examination will take place next week and the week after.
  • There have been two planning applications recently refused on the grounds of Heritage Assets grounds. & Impact on a Grade 2 Listing
  • It was also reported that there had been police activity in the area following a white van driver allegedly attempting to encourage a child into the vehicle in Broughton(?) area. .

7.4.19 Planning Applications -

  • No planning applications received during this period.

8.4.19 - Clerks report - Items reported under appropriate minutes for easy access

Mr W Nixon left the meeting at 8.10p,

9.4.1 Flooding updates - nothing to report

10.4.19 - Parish Maintenance -

  • Grass cutting contract - due to the bad weather only half the grass has been cut, but it is hoped that the weather will allow completion in the next few days. Cheque to be released when invoice is received.
  • Notice Boards - Not yet commenced with the work as the contractor wants to be sure the wood is properly dried out before he starts to make any alterations as this could be detrimental if the wood has swollen and is subsequently shaved down too much. This is hoped to be able to happen within the next couple of weeks.
  • Dovenby Bridge, the work has gone out to tender and inspection of other bridges is underway.

11.4.19 M Sport - No updates

12.4.19 Proposed Defibrillator for Dovenby

  • R Coy has spoken to the person taking the lead on this activity and given advice, will report back when there is anything else to report.

13.4.19 - Cumbria Community Foundation

Next meeting will not take place until early September 2019. There has been an application from Tallentire Cricket Club for equipment, approximate value of 1,800, I McCambridge has supported this application.

14.4.19 - Noted date and time of next meeting : Thursday 13th June 2019 7.30pm Bridekirk Dovenby School.


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Bridekirk Parish Council, Cumbria