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Minutes of the meeting of Bridekirk Parish Council held on Thursday 12th September 2019

Present:         Mr R Stenson (Chair); Mr W Nixon ; Mr MD Hodgson; Mr M Buckley; Mr M Rollison; Mr I McCambridge;  Cllr J Farebrother;   Ms D Cosgrove (Clerk)

1.7.19 Apologies for absence received from, Mr S Dumbill; Mr F Armstrong; Mr R Coy; Mr W Crosby; Cllr N Cockburn.

2.7.19 The minutes of the meetings held on Thursday 11th July 2109 were signed as a true record.

3.7.19 No declarations of interest were made

4.7.19 No members of the public were present  

5.7.19 Accounts for payment approved:

  • Jackson Hetherington 400 grass cutting August & September

  • West Cumbria Rivers Trust 9,300 remainder of funds held on behalf of WCRT to undertake flood defence work in Dovenby
  • Host Presto - 33.60 Parish Web site hosting
  • Skip Hire - 276.00 to enable weed removal from beck at Dovenby

6.7.19  Reports from outside bodies

  • Nobody present from CCC it was resolved to instruct the clerk write asking about the representation.  Mail to Cllr Graham elicited no response, so clerk to write to Leader of CCC to ask for alternative representative.

  • Allerdale BC Cllr Cockburn had sent in a briefing note on the activity at M Sport, (written up under 11.7.19) and the recycling collection update.  There is a closed Council meeting next week and that should provide further answers, in the meantime the collections have been resumed. It was discussed that there have been concerns raised that the heavy garden bins may not be emptied due to the weight of waste accumulated over the past two months and how this might impact on older people.

  • Cllr Farebrother reported that the Taste Cumbria event will take place in Cockermouth on 27 29 September; she also reminded people that if they are not already, they should register to vote ASAP and finally there is to be a Community News Column in the Times and Star and she invited people to send in good news stories for this

7.7.19 Planning Applications

  • There has been a submission by BT to remove the phone box from Tallentire. Clerk has been instructed to object and to look into the purchase of it for use as a home for the Defibrillator.

8.7.19   Clerks report Items reported under appropriate minute for easy access where appropriate

  • Correspondence received with minutes and information from the Joint Parish meeting looking at the potential for developing a Neighbourhood Plan. It was considered essential that the Parish Council have some cost certainty around this and that this should be discussed in the next meeting when the budget will be set for next financial year. Clerk to make contact with Broughton Clerk. Full correspondence from this meeting to be added on to the website as Appendix to these minutes.

  • There have been complaints again regarding traffic going the wrong direction around the clearly signed one way system.  This should be reported with as much details of vehicles responsible to the police by any member of the public witnessing it as this does represent a serious risk of injury as well as being illegal.

  • Invitation received to the Cumbria Climate Change meeting

  • Invitation to attend the Advanced Modular Reactor Forum


9.7.19   Flooding updates

  • WCRT hope to attend the next meeting to give an update on the work undertaken to date and any future proposals to include costing.

  • Mr Buckley is intending clearing out parts of the beck to help flow as previously discussed. It was also resolved to look at how this might be done as part of a regular maintenance action annually. Resolved to look at putting in a cost in the Parish Precept planning next month.

  • Mr Rollison reported that Highways have decided that they will be resolving the issue about the blocked culvert that causes flooding in Tallentire, by digging up a couple of gardens and replacing the collapsed culvert with new piping. This has been confirmed by one of the householders.

10.7.19 Parish Maintenance

  • Trees It was noted that there are trees growing both sides of the wall linking the beck to the M Sport and these could present a danger of the wall falling. Contact Mr Mullen to request maintenance.

  • Junction at Dovenby- it was noted that the trees at the junction are starting to obscure the visibility for motorists wanting to join the main road.

  • Bridge in Dovenby - Mr Buckley reported that the second bridge in Dovenby has now been replaced.

  • Accident on footpath. A resident tripped on the path that children use to access school bus, Rights of Way Officer has visited the site and is looking at an option which will improve safety for all concerned. This is likely to happen in the next financial year.

  • Proposed Speed Reductions Dovenby Mr Hodgson made a FOI request to Cumbria Constabulary regarding the number of accidents reported over a specific stretch of road past Dovenby, it only showed one minor injury, did not include the fatality or any of the several incidents that residents were aware of.

  • Defibrillator for Dovenby, - No update as Mr Coy was not present.  It was noted that the defibrillator in Tallentire is due to have new batteries and pads imminently, however we are unsure of who is responsible as NHS did this last time. Clerk to make enquiries from both Cllr Cockburn and Mr Coy as to how this should be managed.

11.7.19 M Sport

  • There has been some activity at M Sport where the track was used for a 3 day event, despite following complaints Allerdale Borough Council requesting the event was stopped, this did not happen so a Breach of Conditions Notice has been issued.  Residents are reminded that the current position is that the track should not be used until the Evaluation Centre is up and operational as this was integral to the sound buffer.  The noise was heard clearly in Tallentire and complaints came from there and further afield.

12.7.19 Proposed Defibrillator for Dovenby No update for this meeting.

13.7.19 Cumbria Community Foundation  

  • Discussion took place as to the duties involved in being the representative for the Parish on the grants panel.  Mr Stenson has agreed to take on this duty as an interim measure and will complete the application and submit to CCF.

14.7.19  Parish Councillor stand down and co-option

  • Mr McCambridge is moving away from the village and has tendered his resignation.  Mr Stenson thanked him for all his years of service and wished him well on behalf of the Parish Council.

  •  It was resolved to co-opt Mr W Crosby from Tallentire to replace him.  This was a unanimous decision.

15.7.19 Noted date and time of next meeting : Thursday 10th October 2019  7.30pm Bridekirk Dovenby School. 


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