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Bridekirk Parish Council
Appletree House, Allerby, Cumbria, CA7 2NL
Email: bridekirkparish@gmail.com

Minutes of the meeting of Bridekirk Parish Council held on Thursday 19th January 2020

Present: Mr S Dumbill (Chair); Mr R Stenson; Mr W Nixon ; Mr D Hodgson; Mr M Rollison; Mr M Buckley; Mr F Armstrong; Cllr N Cockburn; Cllr J Farebrother; Ms D Cosgrove (Clerk)

1.1.20 Apologies for absence received from,; Mr B Crosby; Mr R Coy

2.1.20 The minutes of the meetings held on Thursday 14th November 2109 were signed as a true record.

3.1.20 There were no declarations of interest in matters on the agenda.

4.1.20 There were no members of the public present at the meeting.

5.1. 20 Accounts approved for payment

  • Clerk's quarterly salary 400
  • HMRC 100

6.1.20 Reports from outside bodies

  • Nobody present from CCC
  • Cumbria Constabulary - nobody present

Allerdale BC - 

  • For ease of reference it was resolved to note reports under the appropriate agenda items where appropriate.
  • There is a Climate Change Task Group meeting on Friday week, this is a sub group of Scrutiny Panel, who they will report back to.
  • Local Plan Part 2 has now been passed, with the anticipation that it will be ratified in March 2020 by Allerdale Borough Council.

7.1.20 Planning Applications -

  • There were no planning applications received during this period.

8.1.20- Clerks report -

  • Items reported under appropriate minute for easy access where appropriate
  • There has been a letter from ABC to say that they are transferring the cost of street lighting to the Parish Council in 2021, however we await the information on how this is going to work, likely costs and whether there is any financial support to the PC for doing so.

9.1.20 Flooding updates

  • Tallentire - the work is underway, with the work being carried out in residents gardens to lay pipework, further updates to follow

10.1.20 - Parish Maintenance -

  • Potholes - several potholes have again been reported, but a reminder was given that anyone can report them to Cumbria Highways, and the more reports, the quicker they will get dealt with.
  • Defibrillator - it was reported that one of the defibrillators in the Parish has been used. We should be ensuring that the address is written on them as they get taken with the patient when they go in the ambulance, so the address would help to ensure they are returned.
  • Footpath, Dovenby - still looking into how this can be progressed further, but work is still going on the plan, strip of land has been purchased, 2 metre wide footpath. Being led by CCC. Mr Hodgson will speak to their Senior Engineer.

11.1.20 M Sport

  • We have been approached by Allerdale Borough Council with a request to host a public meeting so that ABC can let members of the public know what has been happening with the noise management plan and to take questions about this matter. This would be only for members of the public, there will not be an invitation sent to either M Sport or Northern Developments in order to ensure that people feel free to speak. Further information to follow.
  • Fitz roundabout is being upgraded. Work is being undertaken overnight for approximately 12 weeks. 8pm - 6am with three-way traffic lights in operation.

12.1.20 Proposed Defibrillator for Dovenby

  • No progress to report on

13.1.20 Cumbria Community Foundation

  • Request for a speed camera was approved for Plumbland
  • Cumbria Action for Sustainability had grant approved but there was some concern about how relevant the work will be to our communities.
  • Resolved to apply for funding for the Dovenby Footpath through this fund.
  • Discussed the 20,000 administration fee charged by CCF
  • Next meeting to be held in March 2020 Mr Stenson will circulate any applications for comments prior to the meeting.

14.1.20 Noted date and time of next meeting : Thursday 13th February 2020 7.30pm Bridekirk Dovenby School.


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