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Oil Buying Group

The Oil Buying Group has now been set up. It is open to anyone in the Parish and immediate area.

A recent delivery made on January 19th 2016 from the same tanker to two different adjacent addresses clearly indicates the savings which can be made by this group buying.

A delivery of 500 litres to a member of the group was priced at a total of 111.83 including VAT.

A delivery of 500 litres to a non-member from the same tanker was priced at a total of 151.99 including VAT.

To join the buying group send an e-mail to Bill Carr with your home address.


He will send out an e-mail to all those registered during the last week in the month. The last week for our purposes is the last Sunday to Sunday.

You will let Bill know during that time if you want a delivery.  The minimum order is 500 litres.  Bill will ring round suppliers to get the best deal for delivery the first week of the month.

So far suppliers used have invoiced in the usual manner.

It will benefit everyone if oil is ordered through the oil buying group as the discounts obtained become more significant as the total quantities ordered by all members become greater.


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