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Dovenby WI July 2019

The meeting was opened by President Nita Eubank who welcomed the members along with guests from Embleton and Dean WIs.
Especially welcoming Mary Stothard a new member to Dovenby and to Ann Lister back with us after recovering from surgery. A short business meeting was held. Members were reminded that next month would be the August outing to Lakes Distillery.

Andrea Cameron, President of Embleton WI who had attended 2019 NFWI AGM at Bournemouth gave a summary of the day. There were 1500 delegates all singing Jerusalem which she described as a wonderful moment along with interesting speakers. Two resolutions were passed which the WI will campaign on the first Local Bus Services and the second Don't Fear The Smear both passing with over 96% majority. Andrea urged members to go to AGM when opportunity to be a delegate arises.

Anita thanked her for her report and welcomed Stuart Bowie the guest speaker for the evening. Stuart, a strolling magician came to talk to us about "How Do You Do That".
Questions often asked are, How do you get started? Are you in The Magic Circle? How do you learn new tricks? Do tricks ever go wrong?
A magician creates an Illusion - An illusion of the possible.

Stuart then performed some amazing sleight of hand magic whilst answering these questions. There are over 100 Magic Clubs in Great Britain. The Cumbrian Magic Circle was formed in 2009.
Stuart, a founding member of this organization is pleased to say they are looking forward to their 10th Birthday. After asking any questions Nita thanked him for an interesting entertaining evening.

The competition A pack of playing cards was won by Ann Lister for Dovenby WI and by Andrea Cameron Embleton.

The raffle was won by Chrissy Veitch. The evening finished with a Buffet Super which had been provided by the members.

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