Tallentire Windfarm

A windfarm was constructed on Tallentire hill during 2012 and 2013.

Tallentire Wind Farm became operational in June 2013. The 12MW project consists of 6 Vestas V80 2MW turbines located on Tallentire Hill.

Television Reception

Residents of Tallentire and some surrounding areas such as Blindcrake and Dovenby, have lost their TV reception from the Caldbeck transmitter when the wind turbines rotate. It is a condition of the planning permission for the windfarm that measures are put in place to restore television and radio reception to residents if problems are caused by the windfarm. For many residents this will be the case - problems are caused. Any problems must be reported by phone on 0141 404 5531 when arrangements will be made to remedy the situation.

This assistance is not available to residents of newly constructed houses. Only those houses which were in situ when the windfarm was constructed are included.

Those residents who use the subscription channel Sky will have no problems. There is the alternative of free reception of television signals on the 'Freesat' satellite transmission system.

Payment to Residents

Residents in the area of the windfarm are entitled to a yearly payment towards electricity supply. This payment in made directly to the resident's electricity supplier. Thus it is essential that the windfarm developer is aware of the resident's electricity supplier, and has the necessary details for the payment to be made. The cut off date for notification is usually in May. To confirm existing details, or to notify details of a new supplier, telephone 0141 404 5555. It is requested that contact is made by phone or online here, and not by post at present.

Online updating is possible, but only if you know your personal reference number. New applications can also be made. The online updating address is here.

Unfortunately the payment to residents, and help with television reception is only available to residents of those properties which were occupied at the time when the windfarm was constructed. There are thus several residents who are not entitled to assistance.

Windfarm Location Map on developer website can be viewed here.

Planning Permission Documentation does not at present seem to be available on the Cumberland Council website. The link here will give reference numbers for a telephone search if this is required.

It may be interesting to observe the sources of electricity in real time on Gridwatch Realtime

There is finance provided by the windfarm developer for community related projects. This fund is administered by the Cumbria Community Foundation. For more information - Applications for finance from the fund