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  • St Bridget's Church Bridekirk

    St Bridget's Church Bridekirk

  • Main A594 Road

    Main A594 Road Dovenby

  • Tallentire Village from the hill

    Tallentire Village from the hill

  • Bridekirk Dovenby School

    Bridekirk Dovenby School

  • Lakes Fells from Tallentire Hill

    Lakes Fells from Tallentire Hill

  • Tallentire looking north

    Tallentire looking north

  • Bridekirk


  • Tallentire looking South

    Tallentire looking South

  • Criffel in Scotland in the distance

    A panorama from Tallentire Hill towards the coast. Criffel in Scotland in the distance

  • Medieval St Bridget's

    Medieval St Bridget's

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  • Dovenby


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Bridekirk Parish is near Cockermouth and comprises the three villages of Bridekirk, Tallentire and Dovenby, with the surrounding countryside.

Latest Parish News

Windfarm Community Benefit Funding


May 2024
Funding Available

Funding can be made avialable for approved projects in the local area.

See attached details.

Traffic confusion

Highcroft Tallentire


February 2023
Temporary sign

When entering Tallentire from the south, traffic needs to circulate round the one way system. a few metres before reaching the one way system, is the entry to Highcroft Close. Many drivers who do not know the area mistake this turning for the start of the one way system. GPS users may also be confused by the advanced request to turn left. Small vehicles can easily find their way out, but an HGV will probably struggle.

The image below shows a recent result.

Damaged Wall.jpg


Bridekirk Parish Council
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