April 2024
Wednesday, 19:30
Bridekirk Church

Parish Council Meeting

Bridekirk Parish Council
To all Members of the Council
You are hereby summoned to attend the Meeting of the Bridekirk Parish Council to be held on Wednesday 10th April 2024 for the purpose of transacting the following business.
DNS Cosgrove
Clerk to the Parish Council


1.3.2024  To receive apologies for absence.
2.3.2024 To approve as a true record the minutes of the Council meeting held 13th March 2024
3.3.2024 Declarations of interest in items on the agenda.
4.3.2024 Suspension of Standing Orders for members of the public to speak.
5.3.2024 Accounts :

  • Clerks quarterly salary to April 2024 - £425
  • HMRC - £110
  • Grass cutting – awaiting invoice
  • NALC Subscription £246.37
  • N Power £23.95 to end of March 2024

Note receipt of first of the two precept payments

6.3.2024 Reports from outside bodies

  • Cumberland Council

7.3.2024     Planning applications received and not previously dealt with. 

8.3.2024     Clerks report

  • To receive an update on activity and correspondence received in the period since the last meeting, not covered in agenda items.

9.3.2024 To receive any reports on flooding issues across the Parish.

10.3.2024  To receive update on any Parish Maintenance inc:

  • Review of proposed schedule provided by Mr Buckley
  • Street Lighting in Dovenby

11.3.2024    Tallentire Wind Turbine Fund update:  

12.03.2024 To note the date and time of the next meeting Wednesday  1st May 2024 @ 7.15pm for the APM and 7.30pm for PC Meeting - Bridekirk Church.