Bridekirk Parish Lectures 2012 - 2014

The village of Bridekirk is named after the cruciform shaped church of St. Bridget, which was re-constructed in the late 1860s. The history of the church is dealt with in the notes of a lecture by Dr Hugh Doherty which are available to read here.

In June 2012, Dr Clare Downham of Liverpool University gave a lecture entitled 'Who Was St Bridget? An account of this lecture is available to read here. and gives a useful insight into the life and legends surrounding her.

On June 7th 2013 Prof Angus Winchester gave a lecture on the history of the area in the 17th Century An account of this lecture is given here.

On Friday 6th June 2014, Dr Fiona Edmonds delivered a lecture on Gaelic-Scandinavian Influence in Bridekirk and the Surrounding Area, from the Tenth century to the Twelfth.A précis of the lecture is available to read here.